How do I work?

If you're interested in learning more about how I work, check out the numerous interviews online.

Collaborating with a team

My most recent works have been a collaboration, not only with actors and actresses or dancers , but also with my assistants. Since 2010, the transition from simple portraits to more ambitious photo-series and short movies has required external help. As a side-effect, these persons also have done a great job at capturing the mood and essence of these sessions (while working holding lights!). If you've ever wanted to know how things are done, click the photos on the right side.

Technical tutorials

As I often get questions on my work, I've written some tutorials that should help you. You can use them for your personnal education, however please do not reproduce them without my authorization. Thank you very much!

I also strongly suggest to have a look at some of my interviews which might help you too.


Les tutoriaux de cette page sont en anglais, sauf celui-ci :